Resident Services.

Resident Engagement.

PRAXM utilizes the most state of the art resident communication available, with ActiveBuilding® Resident Portal & eCommerce. Engage with our communication and messaging hub designed to save time, improve efficiency, and build a strong community. 

ActiveBuilding® is a resident portal and mobile app that streamlines self-service and contactless tasks for our teams to serve you and our residents’ needs. Through our unique messaging hub, social community and payment platform, residents can stay connected with staff and other residents, pay rent, submit service requests, manage packages and much more…

Resident Login.

Request services, pay rent, 24/7 access to your account. Register here and enjoy the ease of our online resident services. Please choose your property to continue.
*Your community office will supply you with a community ID if you don't have one. Please contact your community office if you believe your balance is not accurate. ** Notice of payment terms: Electronic payments not received by the due date are subject to all fees under the terms of the Lease Agreement. Partial payments may not be accepted.

Renters Insurance

Did you know that 92% of losses covered by renters insurance related to liability, theft, fire, and more are less than $7,000 per incident? This leaves clients and property owners vulnerable to a significant gap in their property insurance coverage. At PRAXM Management, we believe it is vital to require all renters to maintain some standard renters insurance policy. For a list of companies, please see one of the leasing specialists from PRAXM Management. By maintaining all active policies in a centralized database, we can more effectively manage expiring policies at a time of lease renewal and mitigate the number of renters with a lapse in coverage.